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PASS Community Summit 2008: Pre-Conference Seminars

With the success of last year's pre-conference seminars we've added more content to our line-up for PASS Community Summit 2008. Attendees will now have 14 pre-conference seminars to choose from. These top notch educational classes will take place on Monday and Tuesday, November 17 and 18, 2008 respectively, at the Washington State Trade & Convention Center prior to the start of the Summit.

Attendees wishing to take part in one or more seminar must sign up through the regular registration process. A cost of US$395 will apply for each seminar. Register now.

Pre-Conference Seminar Details

Monday, November 17, 2008

Advanced T-SQL Querying and Programming in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 (App Dev Track)
Itzik Ben-Gan

SSIS 2005 and 2008 Boot Camp (BI Track)
Brian Knight

Deep dive into MDX (BI Track)
Mosha Pasumansky (Microsoft Corp.)

System Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting (DBA Track)
Andrew Kelly

Maximum strength: High-Availability and Disaster Avoidance/Response Strategies using Microsoft SQL Server Technologies (DBA Track)
Buck Woody (Microsoft Corp.)

Securing SQL Server from Predators (App Dev Track)
Peter DeBetta

SQL Server 2008 Engine Performance and Advanced Diagnostics (DBA Track)
Bob Ward (Microsoft CSS) & Keith Elmore (Microsoft CSS)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Database Maintenance: From Planning to Practice to Post-Mortem (DBA Track)
Kimberly L. Tripp and Paul Randal

Upgrading to SQL Server 2008 in complex environments (DBA Track)
Rebecca Laszlo (Microsoft Corp.), Joe Yong (Scalability Experts),
Derek Comingore (Scalability Experts) and Don Vilen (Scalability Experts)

SQL Server Data Storage Formats: Internals, Performance and Best Practices (DBA Track)
Kalen Delaney

SQL Server 2008 Features for Developers (App Dev Track)
Bob Beauchemin

.NET Data Access from A to Z (App Dev Track)
Mike Pizzo (Microsoft Corp.) and Jose Blakeley (Microsoft Corp.)

Designing, Planning, and Tuning a Scalable BI Solution (BI Track)
Erik Veerman

Dive into SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services and Analysis Services (BI Track)
Adam Saxton (Microsoft CSS) & John Desch (Microsoft CSS)
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