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PASS Community Summit 2008: Pre-Conference Seminar

Maximum strength: High-Availability and Disaster Avoidance/Response Strategies using Microsoft SQL Server Technologies

Led by Buck Woody
Program Manager, SQL Manageability and Servicing Platform, Microsoft Corp.
Monday November 17, 2008

Seminar Details

The aggregate value of a SQL installation takes into account the extent to which a business can afford not to have it available. Within an installation, some applications can accept the unexpected to a point while others must be available at all times without exception.

Join the SQL Server High Availability team as we define and discuss RPO, RTO and TCO; how to calculate and how to plan. We will cover "out of the box" solutions to the extent they can meet uptime and recovery requirements, where and how tradeoffs can be made, and what storage solutions mate with requirements. From there we will dig deep in real world solutions, their aggregate costs, their scalability, their manageability and the options available for test. When it's all over you'll be better able to envision requirements, understand options, trade-offs and costs, test and bind it all to solutions that fit nearly any environment that comes to you. Join us!

Seminar Leader Profile: Buck Woody

Buck Woody has been working with Information Technology since 1981. He has worked for the U.S. Air Force, at an IBM reseller as technical support, and for NASA as well as U.S. Space Command as an IT contractor. He has worked in most all IT positions from computer repair technician to system and database administrator, and from network technician to IT Manager. But it is the database field he always returns to. He has been a DBA and Database Developer on everything from an Oracle system running on a VAX to SQL Server and DB2 installations. Buck has a business degree and several industry certifications, including MCSE, MCDBA and Brainbench DBA. He is the author of over 300 SQL Server articles and four published SQL Server books; he is the site personality on InformIT.com's SQL web, and was the President of the Tampa SQL User's Group for 5 years. He was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award in 2006 for SQL Server, and started work in the SQL Server Team at Microsoft a year later. He has over twenty years extensive professional and practical experience in computer networks and network design. Experienced in design and management of business and technical systems, as well as marketing and training those systems to the user community and corporate officers.

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