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PASS Community Summit 2008: Pre-Conference Seminar

Designing, Planning, and Tuning a Scalable BI Solution

Led by Erik Veerman
Tuesday November 18, 2008

Seminar Details

This pre-conference seminar focuses on planning, architecting, and tuning a BI solution based on the Microsoft BI platform with an emphasis on performance and scale. Attendees will gain the best practices and techniques needed for architecting BI solutions, with content applying to both SQL 2005 and SQL 2008. The seminar includes the following breakout:
  • Designing a BI Solution for Performance
    The single most important aspect of scalability and performance for a BI solution is getting the design right. This includes designing the right database and cube model, choosing and managing a partitioning scheme, creating performance oriented ETL operations, planning user access security, and developing a reporting and analytics platform that keeps your users focused on making decisions and not waiting on answers.
  • Choosing and Configuring a Scalable BI Infrastructure
    Part of the planning process for a BI infrastructure involves choosing the right scalability model for the different tiers of your BI solution. Another aspect of architecture design is incorporating the security requirements for user access, account delegation, and administrative access. But one of the most important aspects of configuration your infrastructure is the disk subsystem--aligning your data partition strategy with the hardware storage architecture so that the data is available as fast as possible to the application platform.
  • Implementing and Tuning Your BI Solution
    Getting from the development phase to the implementation involves deployment and tuning. With portals, dashboards, reports, and analytic views, you'll need to understand different deployment scenarios to in order to best integrate your solution. A key area of implementation is tuning. We will review monitoring performance, tuning queries, and isolating bottlenecks as well as how to be proactive with data caching strategies and the changing profile of your users queries.
  • Scalable BI Solution Case Studies
    Learning how to design a scalable solution involves seeing how others have successfully implemented solutions that work and the lessons learned through the process.This session highlights several different solutions and how different solution requirements have been implemented to achieve scalability, including case studies across several different industries highlighting multi-terabyte designs, OEM solutions, SAN configurations, and scale-out and scale up architectures.

Seminar Leader Profile: Erik Veerman

Erik Veerman (SQL Server MVP and Microsoft MCT) is a Mentor for Solid Quality Mentors focusing on training, mentoring and architecting solutions on the SQL Server BI platform. His industry recognition includes Microsoft's Worldwide BI Solution of the Year and SQL Server Magazine's Innovator Cup winner. Erik is the lead author for the Business Intelligence Implementation and Maintenance Training Kit (MS Press 70-445) and a co-author of the WROX Integration Services titles (Professional SSIS & Expert SSIS). Erik has designed dozens of BI solutions across a broad business spectrum-telecommunications, marketing, retail, commercial real estate, finance, supply chain, and information technology. His experience with high volume multi-terabyte environments and SQL Server 64-bit has enabled clients to scale their Microsoft-based BI solutions for optimal potential. As an expert in OLAP design, ETL processing, and dimensional modeling, Erik is a presenter, author and instructor. He led the ETL architecture and design for the first production implementation of Integration Services (SSIS) and helped drive the ETL standards and best practices for SSIS on Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 reference initiative, Project REAL.

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