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PASS Community Summit 2008: Pre-Conference Seminar

Deep dive into MDX

Led by Mosha Pasumansky
Principle Architect, Microsoft Corp.
Monday November 17, 2008

Seminar Details

This class is for seasoned MDX practitioners who have mastered "Fast Track to MDX" and who feel very comfortable with "MDX Solutions Second Edition". We will talk about MDX semantics such as calculation precedence, multiselects, coordinate overwrites, visual totals flavors, arbitrary shaped subcubes and how all that can be leveraged to get MDX calculations to return desired results. We will also discuss important internals such as caching subsystems, query optimizer, execution plans and more. This isn?t a pure theoretical knowledge, we will see how it can be directly applied to optimize performance of MDX calculations. Improvements in AS2008 will be discussed where appropriate.

Seminar Leader Profile: Mosha Pasumansky

Mosha Pasumansky is Software Architect in Microsoft. He has been working on OLAP systems for over a decade, being one of the inventors of MDX language and architects of Microsoft Analysis Services. Mosha is MDX junkie, he coauthored "Fast Track to MDX" book, maintains blog dedicated to MDX and OLAP, and recently released MDX Studio tool.

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