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PASS Community Summit 2008: Spotlight Sessions

Our spotlight sessions highlight a speaker who is engaging and highly regarded within the SQL Server Community. In years past these speakers have received high ratings for their sessions and have been invited back by popular demand for PASS Community Summit 2008.

Database and Application Development (Application Development)

The primary audience for this track is developers and database administrators who are focused on building and supporting successful applications using SQL Server and related technologies. This track provides the in-depth knowledge from industry experts, as well as other developers who have successfully used the technologies to solve complex tasks and build real solutions. The track is designed to cover all aspects of SQL Server and related application development such as architectural design, coding, testing troubleshooting, eCommerce solutions, data access methods, optimization etc.
Supporting Highly Concurrent Business Processes with SQL Server 2005 and 2008
Adam Machanic

[Anti]Patterns and [Mal]Practices: Learning to Do Things Right by Evaluating How Others Have Done Them Wrong
Peter DeBetta and Adam Machanic

Using Spatial Data in SQL and in Clients
Bob Beauchemin

Table Value Parameters Revolutionize Data Programming!
Don Kiely

Introduction to T-SQL Enhancements in Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Itzik Ben-Gan

Tips & Tricks for Writing Better Queries
Joe Webb

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence)

Building, deploying and managing a Business Intelligence (BI) solution is critical to staying competitive in today's economy. This track focuses on the three layers of Microsoft Business Intelligence: data warehousing, reporting and analysis, and performance management. The primary audiences for this track are Business Intelligence developers and database administrators who are focused on designing, implementing and managing Business Intelligence solutions in their organizations or for their clients.
Building an SSIS Management Framework
Rushabh Mehta and Jessica Moss

Super Reports: One Report for Many Requirements
Paul Turley

Performance Tuning SSIS 2005 and 2008
Brian Knight and Devin Knight

Overcoming SSIS Deployment and Configuration Challenges
Erik Veerman

High-performance Data Warehouses in SQL Server 2008
Erin Welker

Key to MDX formulas in the new (2005/2008) world
Reed Jacobson

Enterprise Database Administration and Deployment (Database Administration)

The Enterprise Database Administration track is for IT professionals who are faced with the new challenges of the ever-changing database environment and need to be prepared to work efficiently with other professionals involved in and Enterprise Database System. This track addresses the diverse range of topics that DBA's face when working on the production database environment, as well as when interfacing with application integration, Web integration, capacity planning, database warehousing and security.
Capturing and Analyzing File and Wait Stats
Andrew Kelly

Upgrading to SQL Server 2008: Lessons Learned and Recommended Practices
Joe Yong

Corruption Survival Techniques
Paul Randal

Avoiding Stored Procedure Recompilations
Greg Low

Guiding Your Query Plans
Kalen Delaney

Database Governance to the MAX! How to Get Your SQL Serve ready for F1 (Formula 1) Racing
Rajinder Gill

End-to-End Troubleshooting for SQL Server 2005
Kevin Kline

Business Continuity with Backup and Restore
Peter Ward

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