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PASS Community Summit 2008: SQLCAT Sessions


Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence)

Building, deploying and managing a Business Intelligence (BI) solution is critical to staying competitive in today's economy. This track focuses on the three layers of Microsoft Business Intelligence: data warehousing, reporting and analysis, and performance management. The primary audiences for this track are Business Intelligence developers and database administrators who are focused on designing, implementing and managing Business Intelligence solutions in their organizations or for their clients.

SQLCAT - Building SSRS SS2008 Large Scale Solutions
Denny Lee (Microsoft Corp.)
Lukasz Pawlowski (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - Collecting Analysis Services Performance Data by using Management Data Warehouse, SQL Profiler, and AS DMVs in SSAS 2008
Carl Rabeler (Microsoft Corp.)
Brian Knight (Pragmatic Works)
Maciek Sarnowicz (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - Large Scale Relational Data Warehouse Learnings
Stuart Ozer (Microsoft Corp.)
Thomas Kejser (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - Performance Troubleshooting for AS (SS2005, SS2008)
Richard Tkachuk (Microsoft Corp.)
Nicholas Dritsas (Microsoft Corp.)
Thomas Kejser (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - World Record ETL and ELT (SS2005/2008)
Thomas Kejser (Microsoft Corp.)
Stuart Ozer (Microsoft Corp.)

Enterprise Database Administration and Deployment (Database Administration)

The Enterprise Database Administration track is for IT professionals who are faced with the new challenges of the ever-changing database environment and need to be prepared to work efficiently with other professionals involved in and Enterprise Database System. This track addresses the diverse range of topics that DBA's face when working on the production database environment, as well as when interfacing with application integration, Web integration, capacity planning, database warehousing and security.
SQLCAT - Building HA SQL Server (SS2005/2008) Deployment Solutions Using LL from Cust Deployments
Prem Mehra (Microsoft Corp.)
Sanjay Mishra (Microsoft Corp.)
David P. Smith (ServiceU Corporation)
Ayad Shammout (Caregroup Healthcare System)
Kaloian Manassiev (Microsoft Corp.)
Justin Erickson (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - Building High Performance systems for SQL Server relational (SS2005/2008)
Juergen Thomas (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - Data Compression & Backup Compression Lessons Learned from Customer Deployments
Sanjay Mishra (Microsoft Corp.)
Mike Ruthruff (Microsoft Corp.)
Sunil Agarwal (Microsoft Corp.)
David P. Smith (ServiceU Corporation)
Marcel van der Holst (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - Overall Lessons Learned from SS2008 Experiences
Mark Souza (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - Pan-STARRS: Building 100TB+ Scientific VLDBs with SQL Server 2008
Michael Thomassy (Microsoft Corp.)
Maria A. Nieto-Santisteban (Johns Hopkins University)

SQLCAT - Performance Troubleshooting - MDW / Xevents / etc (2008)
Kevin Cox (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - Security (Auditing, Encryption) -- Data Security, Admin Security
II-Sung Lee (Microsoft Corp.)
Ayad Shammout (Caregroup Healthcare System)
Denny Lee (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - Service Broker Performance & Scalability Techniques from Real-World Implementations
Michael Thomassy (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - SQL Server 2008 Virtualization with Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V
Lindsey Allen (Microsoft Corp.)
Mike Ruthruff (Microsoft Corp.)
Prem Mehra (Microsoft Corp.)
Mark Pohto (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT - SS2008 developer and ISV experiences
Kun Cheng (Microsoft Corp.)
Burzin Patel (Microsoft Corp.)

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